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Utah is home to hoards of national parks that teem with snowy mountaintops and rust colored deserts. Within this western state also lies a withstanding symbol of America's Wild West, Monument Valley. This area features desolate yet iconic buttes that stand proud amongst the scarlet desert that surrounds them.

Although Utah is sparsely populated, the bustling capital of Salt Lake City has its fair share of unique residents, including a heavy dominance of Mormons that add an innovative flair to the area.

For true adventure seekers, the southern region of Utah is a vacation paradise. From the plunging canyons to the soaring mountains, the landscape here is seemingly etched out of the earth. There are also many places and activities to enjoy in Utah geared toward all age groups.
Make your base at a Salt Lake City vacation rental and explore the beautiful Salt Lake City, which is home to several splendid museums that showcase an incredible collection of rare artifacts, documents, art, photographs, clothing, and furniture dating back to many centuries.
Central Utah has a host of historic elements coupled with wonderful outdoor fun. The Paiute ATV trail is considered among the world’s best, and take your ATV along the Little Sahara Sand Dunes. Find the rock art at Fremont Indian State Park, and uncover the remnants of the former mining towns of Bullion Canyon and Marysvale. Snowmobile or rockhounding – there’s some outdoor enjoyment for everyone.
Nature enthusiasts will simply love to stay at vacation rentals in St George, which command spectacular vistas of rugged terrain, wondrous multi-hued canyons, and lushly vegetated mountains. Take a leisurely stroll along the verdant countryside, enjoy a glimpse of varied flora and fauna or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the private balcony of your Utah vacation home while admiring the stunning sunset views.
There is plenty to do in Utah, no matter what season you visit. During the winter, to ski Utah slopes is an immensely popular attraction, and during spring, summer and fall parks in Utah are a big draw too. Utah is also a great destination for lovers. There are numerous wedding venues in Utah to choose from. Couples should also consider romantic getaways in Utah.