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Visiting Chile? Read brief travel information about the country
Travellers eager to enjoy a country with abundant fauna and flora and spectacular scenery consisting of huge glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, blue lakes and numerous national parks should visit Chile.
Chile is situated in South America, bordered by Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It occupies a long and narrow costal strip wedged between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
The coastal range forms high, sloped cliffs into the sea from the northern to the central area. Between the ranges runs a fertile valley, except in the north and far south where the sea has broken through the coastal range to form an assortment of archipelagos and channels. Because of its unusual geography, Chile has a hugely varied climate ranging from the world's driest desert in the north, through a Mediterranean climate in the centre, to a snow-prone Alpine climate in the south.
The population of the country is quite homogenous where Mestizo or European origin inhabitants predominate.
70% of Chileans belong to Catholic Church.
1 USD=526.30 Chilean Peso
Chile is a land of contrasts that combines deserts, mountains, Mediterranean landscapes, and subtropical islands. Each visitor of this country can find a way to enjoy the vacation. Going to La Araucaria one should see the araucaria tree (Araucaria - a Jurassic age conifer) declared the Chilean natural Monument. The smoking cone of Villarica volcano lies on the south shore of lake with the same name. It overlooks Villarica and Pucon towns- one of the Southern Chile top destinations for relaxing lakeside vacations. Choose Pucon accommodation in order to be nearer glacially formed lakes, snow-capped volcanic mountains and forests is one of pristine beauty and picture-perfect scenery.
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