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Visiting Colombia? Read brief travel information about the country
A calm and beautiful landscape of Colombia has much to offer for those who like enjoying nature. Colombia has more physical diversity packed into its borders than any other area of comparable size in Latin America. You can find there large surfaces covered by the Amazon basin, lakes surrounded by the mountains, a Caribbean coastline with azure water. Looking for human made wonders? Colombia can offer you the sights of archaeological digs, colonial houses and the home to Nomadic Indians on Guajira Peninsula.
The country is situated in South America, boated by the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. The Andes Mountains extend into the country in three ranges running south to north, dipping finally into the lowlands of the Caribbean coast. The Eastern Cordillera, the longest range, rises north of the Ecuadorean border to the north then northeast towards Venezuela. Flat grassy prairies in the east along with the jungles and towering rainforests of the Amazon make up over half the country's area. The country is part of the Pacific "Ring of Fire", a region of the world characterized by frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Caribbean and pacific coastal lands are characterized by equatorial climate with high temperatures and humidity along the year. The mountainous part experience cooler conditions that can change depending on prevailing winds, altitude and topography.
The current demographics of Columbia consists of different groups among the main are: Europeans, Indigenous natives, Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners and other recent immigrants.
The official currency is Colombian Peso. 1 US Dollar = 1,908.79 Colombian Peso
Among Colombia's attractions you should visit Bogotá, country's capital city. A great interest for visitors rises the oldest part of the town Zona Rosa and La Candelaria an important stop for its historical value and the city center. Highlights in Bogotá include also two splendid colonial churches Inglesi de Santa Clara and Inglesi de San Ignacio. Rent Bogotá accommodation in order to spend a beautiful vacation in a colorful and full of contrasts city.
Choose Colombia rentals to experience a wonderful holiday on white-sand and sublime beaches lapped by crystal-clear water and discover great human made sights.