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Visiting Peru? Read brief travel information about the country
Peru is a country that has a lot to offer to its visitors lush natural beauties: panoramic mountain ranges, sandy beaches, tropical jungle and vast deserts combined with rich archaeological and historical past and enduring indigenous cultures.
Peru is located on the pacific coast of South America. The country shares its borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Peru's topography is quite complex: divided into the three main geographical zones of <em>costa</em> (coast); <em>sierra</em> (mountains); and <em>selva</em> (rainforest).
The climate varies according to altitude. June to September is the time for winter on the coast. During this period, the mountainous areas are often sunny during the day but cold at night. Heavy rains last from December to April in mountains and jungle. A great part of the coast and Lima don't benefit of this climate condition as rains.
Peru is a multiethnic nation. The population is largely Indian and Mestizo with a noticeable influence from African, Chinese and European (mainly Spanish) settlers. The Catholic Church has the greatest part of believers in the country 89%.
1 USD=3,19 Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Peru successfully offers history, archaeology, medicinal springs, fantastic landscapes and friendly people.
Lima, the capital of the country lies between the arid desert and blue sea. Its paths, gardens and an elegant bronze fountain can be enjoyed in the main square, Plaza de Armas, considered the original centre of the city and the site where Francisco Pizarro founded the locality in 1535. On the north side of the square is the early 20th century Palacio del Gobierno, where a changing of the guard takes place daily at noon. A curious park along the ocean at the edge of Miraflores, much beloved by Limeños looking to score, is the Parque del Amor (literally, "Love Park"), a cut-rate imitation of Antonio Gaudí's Parque Guell in Barcelona, Spain.
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